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Autodesk Announces Planix Landscape Deluxe Suite.

Six Powerful Landscape Design Tools for Less Than $50

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Autodesk, Inc. (Nasdaq:

ADSK) today announced the release of Planix(R) Landscape Deluxe Suite,

the only retail software package to offer six complimentary planning and

design tools for residential landscaping and gardening, all in one

suite. Developed specifically for homeowners, landscaping professionals

and real estate agents interested in planning or redesigning exterior

residential property, Planix Landscape Deluxe Suite software includes

more than 3,700 high quality plant and material images -- more than any

other landscape software product on the market. Included within the

Planix -campus-winter-garden-volunteer-days-1 Landscape Deluxe Suite is: Planix Landscape Deluxe, the latest

version of Autodesk's popular Planix Landscape product,

Encyclopedia Botanica, Planix Deck 3D, Planix Home Project Estimator,

Lifestyle Software Group's Garden Companion Deluxe, and

Sunset's Garden Problem Solver.

"The combination of Autodesk's pioneering image editing technology and third-party solutions lets us offer consumers the most

comprehensive landscape software package on the market today," said

August Grasis III, senior director of the Personal Solutions Group.

"For less than $50, Planix Landscape Deluxe Suite equips users with

innovative, easy-to-use tools to completely plan and design residential

property at an incredibly low price."

After using the product for only two days, Keith G. Powell of

Caringbah, New South Wales commented, "The graphics are great , the

tutorials and help feature are as 'clear as day,' and the

program is beautifully written and very quickly mastered." Powell,

a finance industry retiree who is using the software to redesign his

front and back yards added, "The results are outstanding."

A Suite Deal for Consumers

With Planix Landscape Deluxe Suite software, users are guided

through all phases of landscaping and gardening -- from planning, layout

and budgeting to plant selection, maintenance and care -- all within one

unique, user-friendly solution. Ideal for new homeowners, landscape

architects, real estate agents and gardeners, the six tools that

comprise the new Planix Landscape Deluxe Suite of CD-ROMs include:

Planix Landscape Deluxe software allows users to create

picture-perfect landscape designs in minutes by utilizing generic home

images or importing actual photographs or video clips of the user's

home. Consumers can use Autodesk's pioneering 24-bit landscape

image editing technology to easily drag-and-drop plants and materials

into the drawing. This latest version of Planix Landscape provides a

32-bit Windows(R) 98 look with capabilities such as zoom, multi-level

edit, AutoScale(TM) and a docking toolbar for quick and easy landscape

design. The built-in database offers information and high-quality

photographic images of more than 1,600 plant and landscape materials.

The "grow" feature lets users age trees on screen to determine

how the landscape will change over ten years.

Encyclopedia Botanica software provides a multimedia interface,

letting users find the perfect plants by searching the largest selection

of images available for placement in a plan. Consumers can search the

database of images by various criteria including plant name, color,

sunlight, height, climate zone, seasons, and category such as

perennial/annual, flowering/non-flowering. It also includes hundreds of

pages of descriptive text detail about each plant by horticulture expert

M. Jane Coleman Helmer, Ph.D.

Planix Deck 3D software, the number one selling deck design

program, lets users design single or multi-level decks. An Application

Wizard helps users select from among 17 different styles, specifying

dimensions, stair locations and construction details for deck supports.

Users can create custom designs and preview them in 2D or 3D from any

angle, perspective or direction. The program also generates a complete

materials list. This software sells separately at an estimated street

price of US$39.

Home Project Estimator software calculates quantities and costs for

do-it-yourself projects, allowing users to generate a shopping list and

remain within budget. It also provides useful tips and tricks for home

projects including both interior and landscape information. This

software sells separately at an estimated street price of US$14.99.

Lifestyle Software Group's Garden Companion Deluxe software

offers a complete garden planning system with an encyclopedia of more

than 2,500 plants by an award-winning landscape photographer. Users can

select the type of garden -- Japanese, rock, tropical -- they would like

to design as well as the zone they live in. The software automatically

presents all the plants needed to meet these requirements. This

software sells separately at an estimated street price of US$29.95.

Sunset's Garden Problem Solver software, from the leading

publisher of food, home and garden books, answers questions and provides

everything to keep yards and gardens healthy, including a monthly Car e

Calendar. For example, users can find out why certain plants are dying

or how to prevent insects from destroying the garden. This software

sells separately at an estimated street price of US$29.95.

System Requirements

Minimum system requirements for Planix Landscape Deluxe Suite are a

CD-ROM drive, Windows 98, Windows 95, 486DX/66 or Pentium CPU, 16MB RAM,

45 MB of free hard disk space, 256 color VGA display (800 X 600 display

recommended) and a Windows-compatible mouse.

Pricing and Availability

The English version of Planix Landscape Deluxe Suite software is

available immediately in the U.S. and Canada. The estimated street

price in the U.S. is $49.99. Planix Landscape Deluxe Suite is available

through software retailers, mail order or directly from Autodesk.

Additional information can be found on the Internet at

About Autodesk

Autodesk is the fourth largest PC software company in the world and

the leading supplier of PC design software and multimedia tools. More

than four million customers use the company's 2D and 3D products

for architectural design, civil engineering design and surveying,

mechanical design, geographic information systems and mapping, and

through its Kinetix(R) division for film and video production, and video

game and Web content development. For more information, contact any

Authorized Autodesk Reseller, call Autodesk at 800-964-6432, or visit Autodesk shares are traded on the Nasdaq national

market under the symbol ADSK.

NOTE: Autodesk, the Autodesk logo, Planix and Kinetix are

registered trademarks and AutoScale is a trademark of Autodesk, Inc. in

the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names,

or trademarks are used solely for the purpose of identification and

belong to their respective holders.

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